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Staying hydrated is one of the most important actions you can take to help prevent COVID – 19. It is important to keep yourself hydrated not just to quench your thirst but to make sure you are energized and active through the day.

For most people, drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated. Other options include coffee, tea, milk, fruits, vegetables and oral hydration solutions. Every system in our body depends on water to function properly. Water plays an important role in regulating body temperature, providing moisture to skin and tissues, carrying nutrients to cells, cushioning joints, flushing out toxins and preventing constipation. So, here are some tips for staying hydrated: –

1. Drink more Water

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Drink some water when you first get up in the morning. Some people only drink milk or coffee in the morning but adding at least one glass of water will help to increase your hydration in the morning.

You can keep a water bottle beside your bed if that makes it easier to remember to drink it. Most healthy people can stay well hydrated by drinking water and other fluids whenever they feel thirsty. A common recommendation is to drink at least 8 – ounce glasses of water per day and more if you are exercising or out in the hot weather.

Individual fluid needs vary. No one set amount is right for everyone. Fluid needs depend on several factors, including age, body size, health status, pregnancy or breastfeeding, sweat lost through physical activity, environment and even altitude.

2. Carry Water Bottle All Time

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Water bottles can be carried to work, to school, or whenever you are away from the house for several hours. Some have marks for reading how many millilitres or fluid ounces of liquid you have, so that you can keep track of how much you have been drinking.

3. Start Your Day with Oatmeal

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Oatmeal positively impacts so many parts of the body. Not only is it hearty and filling, oatmeal is also very hydrating. When oats are cooking, they expand and absorb the water or milk they’re being paired with. As an added boost, sprinkle chia seeds in your overnight oats when preparing, which soak up 10 times their weight in extra liquid and keep you full all morning.

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4. Drink more Water When You Exercise

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When you are doing exercise, you need extra fluid to replace what is lost through sweat. Even a slight decrease in body water can cause dehydration and negatively affect performance. Make fluid replacement a priority when you’re physically active. Drinking enough fluids will help to maintain your concentration and performance, increase your endurance and prevent excessive elevations in heart rate and body temperature.

Further water loss can lead to other potentially harmful changes such as increased heart rate and body temperature, dizziness, fatigue and heat illness.

5.. Drink Water Before You Get Thirsty

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Being thirsty is often the first sign that you need to drink more water. To stay hydrated, you should drink water often enough to keep this from happening. As you age, your thirst receptors will become less effective at sensing your body’s need for hydration, so it is good idea to get into the habit of sipping water throughout the day. Also, when we sweat a lot while exercising or working in the heat, we may need to drink more than the amount required to quench thirst.

6. Eat a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

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Hydration is about more than drinking water. Many foods contain water and additional nutrients that are vital for good health. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a good way to supply the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber while adding to daily water intake.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is a great way to help you stay hydrated. It is estimated that about 20 % of our daily water intake comes from foods.

All foods contain some water. Fruits and vegetables top the list with 80 – 98 % water. Some of the fruits and vegetables with the highest water content include watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, cucumber, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach. Each of these fruits and veggies contain at least 90% water. 

7. Sign of Dehydration

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In addition to drinking before you get thirsty, you should also check your urine.

If you have trouble knowing whether you are hydrated, pay attention to the colour of your urine. Yellow or dark coloured urine usually means that you are not drinking enough water and are dehydrated. The standard colour of your urine is referred to by doctors as “urochrome”. Urine naturally carries a yellow pigment. When you are staying hydrated, your urine will be a light yellow, close to clear colour.

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