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Losing belly fat. Belly fat can actually be dangerous for your health. How much belly fat you lose and how quickly is dependant on a few factors, including age, fitness level, blood pressure and body fat start weight. Our tummy area tends to hold on to fat for longer than other areas of our body. A similar waist, flat stomach, healthier body and reduced risk of chronic disease start today with these healthy tips to lose belly fat.

1. Include Aerobic Exercise

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If you want to burn fat fast there is no getting around cardio training. Studies find that this is the most effective form of exercise to reduce belly fat. You can not lose belly fat by exercising your abs alone. Aerobic exercise increases your endurance and cardiac health while anaerobic exercise will not only help you burn fat but also help you gain lean muscle mass.

By burning many calories your general health will improve. Hence, start doing high – intensity workouts of running, swimming or aerobic classes.

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2. High Protein Breakfast

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One of the best ways to fill yourself up in the morning is to have protein rich breakfast foods so that you feel satiated through the day. A high protein diet can reduce your belly fat. Proteins take longer to digest and hence increase satiety. It also help to build lean muscle. A high protein breakfast, like protein powder smoothies and eggs and bacon, helps in keeping you full for a long duration.
Dietary sources of protein increase thermogenesis in the body, which means you burn calories to digest the protein.

3. Drink Enough Water

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Staying hydrated is important for your general health. Drinking 4 to 5 liters of water each day is recommended and will burn more calories. Sufficient water intake helps in flushing out toxins from the body and gives a boost to the metabolism.
Also, drinking right before eating reduces your appetite as well as calorie intake. Drinking warm water with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach helps kickstart your metabolism and digestive system as well. Or drinking a glass or two of warm water in the morning can help you in losing weight and belly fat. It will help in cleansing your system.

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4. Reduce Refined Carbs

One should avoid consuming refined carbs to lose fat around the abdominal area and have good metabolic health. It is necessary to stick to a strict low carb diet, however it should be replaced with unprocessed carbs. Including whole grains rich in carbs, may help reduce the total body fat and that stubborn belly fat.
Eating a breakfast comprised of foods those release carbohydrates slowly such as oatmeal or bran cereal may help burn more of your body fat.

5. Add Fatty to Your Diet

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Fatty fish is considered incredibly healthy. Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines or tuna is a high quality protein and rich in omega – 3 acids. By adding 2 to 3 portions a week you can reduce the risk of illness like heart disease and also burn your belly fat. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) can help reduce inflammation, thereby reducing the risk of inflammation- induced weight gain.

Studies revealed that Omega-3 fats have the ability to reduce visceral fat that is around your abdomen.

6. Reduce Salt Intake

Consumed salt retains water and makes your belly feels bloated. Before making a purchase always make sure the nutrition label does not mention high sodium levels since processed food consists of salt, added sugar and unhealthy fats.

High salt consumption can lead to obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension and diabetes. Cut out foods like fries, chicken nuggets, potato wedges, potato wafers, pizza, ketchup, packaged salad dressings, ready to eat foods, canned food and pickles from your diet.

7. Consume Green Tea

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Green tea is great for weight loss. It contains EGCG, which is an antioxidant that helps flush out toxins and reduce inflammation in the body. Green tea benefits the whole body and contains catechins, antioxidants that studies show can help reduce belly fat. If you sip green tea before workout, these compounds can also increase your fat burn during aerobic exercise.

8. Consume Whole Grains

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People who followed a weight loss program or lose belly fat incorporating whole grain breads, cereals and other foods lost more body fat from the abdominal area than those ate only refined grains like white bread and rice. Whole grain have been to be superior in the diet when compared with refined grains.

Whole grain increased calorie loss by decreasing the number of calories retained during digestion, while simultaneously speeding up metabolism.

9. Consume Veggies and Dark Leafy Greens

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Veggies and dark leafy greens are good sources of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Scientists have found that consuming veggies regularly helps reduce the risk of obesity. Green leafy vegetables are great for burning belly fat and are very nutritious as well. It is a great way to increase the volume of your meals, without increasing the calories. It is important to note that though veggies and fruits can help in shedding belly fat, you must practice portion control and not consume excess calories.

10. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

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Taking too much alcohol increases belly fat. The problem with most alcoholic beverages is that they are a mixture of sweetened and sugary beverages. Sugar and alcohol in these drinks increase the risk of getting belly fat.

Women are more likely to store the fat created by surplus calories on their hips, thighs and arms, men store it on their tummy, hence the beer belly. If you are keen on reducing your tummy fat quickly, it’s advised that you can cut out alcohol from your diet completely.

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